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Russell Brand RE:Brand (2002) Edit 6 Music Show Edit When my dad left, you know, I'd give my mum hell sometimes, but really she's the one that stayed, isn't she? Poor cow, she didn't need

Russell Brand

RE:Brand (2002) Edit

6 Music Show Edit

  • When my dad left, you know, I'd give my mum hell sometimes, but really she's the one that stayed, isn't she? Poor cow, she didn't need that kind of aggravation.
  • I've looked right through the Bible, start to finish, looking for the bit saying 'Jesus was the mind behind Ikea', then there's no evidence to suggest this at all.
  • I saw a picture of Prince William, HRH William, in the paper today. He's going bald. I reckon by the end of next year he will be bald and I'm glad about that. Because of his playboy prince status and that, it makes me feel insecure about my own looks.
  • Karl Pilkington: And I was high up.
    Russell Brand: I'm picturing you as a sort of vigilante Batman figure, looking down over Salford, to see if there's any crimes.
    Karl Pilkington: And I was in my pants.
    Rusell Brand: Again, like a vigilante Batman figure.
  • The first time Tim Westwood did that chestbump to me, I ended up sort of cuddling his arm.
  • I don't like the idea of fruit being all turned on because of cream being poured on it. How then can you eat that fruit?
  • I like pressing that emergency button on bus doors to escape.
  • Russell Brand: What did you say?
    Trevor Lock: I just said 'ow'
    Russell Brand: Oh yeah, that cleared it up. He probably sank to his knees at that point and screamed 'There is no God!' You probably made him renounce the clergy. He probably went straight off after that and had it off with someone.
  • Matt Morgan: [To Russell] How have you developed pectoral muscles when you barely do anything for yourself?
    • BBC 6 Music Show - 27th August 2006

Big Brother's Big Mouth (2004–2007) Edit

  • Charles Ingram's views are so pugnacious that when I heard them, I went back to ancient Arabia, sauntered into Aladdin’s cave, said "Open, sesame," perused all the treasures and trinkets until I got Aladdin's attention, pulled down my trousers and panties and forced a genie into my dinkle's peep hole and shouted, "Aladdin, rub the lamp! You'll get more than three wishes!" He said he wished I'd leave his cave.
  • Spiral's views are so enchanting that when I heard them, I cleared off to Australia, strolled up Ayres Rock to the meditating Aborigines, pulled down my trousers and pants, polished my dinkle 'til it was as stiff as a pipe, prised its end open and shouted, "Lads, who wants a blow of my didgeridoo?!" They said they faced this ignorance from the white man on an almost daily basis.

Shame [Live DVD] (2006) Edit

  • [On a fabricated tabloid story]
    The Neptunian underworld king unleashed a barrage of eels from his abdomen and each of the eels was carrying a zippo lighter and as they flew by they spelt across the sky in fire 'Tara can a borrow your eyeliner please?' If you're gonna make stuff up go mental!
  • It's not really over. There's a little part of my brain that is:
'Russell, where are the opiates?' - 'I'm afraid we can't have any more opiates..' 'Why?' - 'You nearly killed me, didn't you?'

'Oh, that was just a joke!'

  • Hmm, wa'er! If, right, your body is 90% water what have you got to drink water all the time for? Why can't you just have some crisps?
  • [On chat-up lines]
    Well, stick around love, cos I've got worse. The worst being, simply, "Get in the van."

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (2006) Edit

  • It's like Kilroy only talking about Big Brother and there's no racism allowed.
    • Describing Big Brother's Big Mouth
  • Blimey! Thank God my jeans are this tight- you could wear me like a puppet!

Big Fat Quiz of the Year (2006) Edit

  • Let's look beyond the divisions of football teams and look at the unifying force within our souls. SEX!
  • October. Is that when there's conkers?
  • The whole thing stinks, Carr!
  • Where's Guy?!
  • (after Noel Fielding has written "peep scarf" to describe a piece of muslim apparel) That's its proper name!

Big Fat Quiz of the Year (2007) Edit

  • Should we stick with the Goth Detectives from when we won last year? Where's our trophy?

Doing Life [Live DVD] (2007) Edit

  • I kat you?
  • So by being offended you've sorta acknowledged that you are thick, and none of us are, so we're all back on speaking terms!
  • You'd think, if you was me, you would think this and I am me, so I'm in a perfect position to offer conclusive evidence on that. innit like when you go away on holiday, you think 'oh yeah, I'd better go away on holiday, cheer myself up, get away from it all" but when you go on holiday, you're there, so it's shit!
  • so when I was staying with him, he went 'alright, okay, so what time do you go to bed then?' and I thought 'fucking hell! he doesn't know what he's doing. SHIIIIIIT!!' I went 'oooh, about, 10 oclock?', 'ah yeah, alright then'. YEEEES. it's like the same feeling that as an adult I would get walking through customs with heroin in my bottom. 'I'm getting away with iiiiit!

Radio One Interview, July 5th 2007 Edit

Brit Awards (2007) Edit

Radio 2 Show (2007–2008) Edit

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  • I'm waiting for something worth waiting for.
  • Pin, pin!
  • Is it Paul Mccartney? Is it Jimmy Page? No, it's Noel Gallagher, they look the same age!
  • Noel Fielding's not in, Noel Gallagher's not in, I think the message is don't trust Noels! Noel Edmunds, deal or no deal? No deal Noel!
  • After the revolution we will be broadcasting constant messages into a microchip inside your brains. It's gonna be great!
  • I've got a migraine.
  • Noel Gallagher looks like a mum's mate.
  • I'll riverdance while that's happening, 'cause it seems to be what I naturally do anyway.
  • That diamond encrusted goat's skull is the height of good taste!
  • I'm genuinely and actually a bit like Jesus.
  • This is Hollywood, mate. People bring chihuahuas round!
  • Oh no, my brain is broken.
  • That's what keeps me alive, perversion and star quality.
  • I believe Finland's economy is based on Moomin juice.
  • Cilla Black: What are you like?
    Russell: A bit like Jesus but with an electric willy.
  • That's right middle America, I loves Jemus!
  • Matt Morgan: Have you been thinking about your religion/new order?
    Russell Brand: Yes I have actually Matt, and I've got a few more theories for it to make it absolutely watertight. We'll all be living on a nice island, vegetarians doing yoga and that. We'll get rid of ideas such as the nuclear family and like in African tribes the word 'mother' will mean all female members of the tribe and the word 'father' will mean all male members. There will be a lot of [wolf whistles] … and also we're not going to have no more currency, stuff like that, no brain-bending or mind-washing and we'll all be free to explore ourselves although there will be an age of consent and it'll be the same as usual so as people don't go 'Oh no. '.
    Matt Morgan: Pretty watertight, isn't it?
    Russell Brand: Pretty watertight so far Matt, I'd like to see a political theorist drive a bus through that. If so where did he get his licence? As we're in charge of issuing bus licences and they're not issued to possible dissenters, who are immediately killed on traitor's cove; one of the nicest parts of our island, decorated with all lovely corpses.
    • Radio 2 Show - 13th January 2007
  • I love the BBC, it's a gorgeous organisation and it's just 'cos it's got vaguely socialist state-run tendencies that people like bloody old Rupert Murdoch coat it off in the Sun, and it's gotta stop!
  • It's difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you. No-one really feels self-confident deep down because it's an artificial idea. Really, people aren't that worried about what you're doing or what you're saying, so you can drift around the world relatively anonymously. You must not feel persecuted and examined. Liberate yourself from that idea that people are watching you.
  • I keep hearing in my head "you are the Messiah, you are the Messiah". I think there's something wrong with my headphones.
    • Radio 2 Show - 30th June 2007
  • New York is basically a new version of York. But York just got a cathedral.

Russell Brand - On The Road (2007) Edit

Russell Brand - Oxford Edit

MTV Video Music Awards (2008) Edit

Twitter (2011) Edit

Russell Brand - The Guardian (2013) Edit

  • I see that dereliction can survive in opulence; the abundantly wealthy with destitution in their stare.

Revolution (2014) Edit

Trews (2015) Edit

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