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Facebook Automation 6.4 PREMIUM cracked

Facebook Mechanization 6.4 Agio Nulled

Facebook Automation 6.4 PREMIUM

Facebook Mechanization is Facebook Card & Scheduler, a whippersnapper instrument planned to avail exploiters post mass private facebook substance, radical post, radicals researching and conjoining, post to rampart, post to populace foliates, post to buff foliate, carries searchign and glossing, auto wishes bot, agenda your carries.

Версия: Facebook Mechanization 6.4 Agio
The outstanding instrument appropriate you ad and tugging traffic to your site your site. You toilet get from centuries to chiliads Facebook visitants daily WITHOUT Pawl. The programme have a sound scheduler manageress for you.
Adaptation : 6.4
OS : Windowpanes

  • - Loose to fetch your radicals tilt, allies tilt, foliates.
  • - Researching for radicals past keyword, checkering for position (conjoined, un-conjoin, secrecy assailable-finale-secret radical, extremities numeration, advise ...).
  • - Loose to trickle radicals tilt. Conjoin to whatsoever radicals that you desire. Entrust speculative radicals (no more extremities, not appropriate to post ...) past one pawl. Twist along/away advise from radicals which you desire.
  • - Mass tempt allies to radical. Mass tempt exploiters via email to radical
  • - Post a substance, single photograph or multi-photographs to radicals which you opted. You toilet besides post your photograph album to radicals.
  • - Rag specialize allies to a post or random rag allies to a post.
  • - Post a substance, single photograph or multi-photographs to your rampart or ally rampart.
  • - Post a mass private substance to exploiters which you opted.
  • - RANDOM/Gyrate your substance, associate, visualizes, photograph ... while carrying for forbid spam espial past facebook.
  • - Partaking a your photograph album/post to radicals/foliates/exploiters ...
  • - Researching for exploiters past keyword, automatic stationing ally postulation to exploiters which you opted. Get ally postulations, admit or abnegate postulations.
  • - Commute exploiters idaho to facebook emails.
  • - Researching for foliates past keyword, checkering for points of these foliates (wishes numeration, toilet post, site, email, call, land ...). Mass tempt ally like the foliate. More trickle choices for you.
  • - Exportation emails, call, site from populace foliates.
  • - Post a substance, single photograph, private substance to populace foliates which you opted.
  • - Bulge your carries in radicals or bulge specialize carries ids.
  • - Researching for consequences. Hanging to consequences which you opted. Mass tempt allies to consequence.
  • - Post a substance, single photograph to consequences which you opted.
  • - Agenda your carries to anyplace (radicals, populace foliates, ally rampart, private substance, gossip).
  • - Agenda knocking your carries in radicals or specialize carries ids.
  • - Agenda conjoining to radicals.
  • - Mounts time separation while carrying, conjoining to radicals, ally postulation stationing ... Forbid spam espial from facebook.
  • - Loose to care multi-facebook histories. Procurator accompaniment for each history. Elementary to post for specialize history which you opted.
  • - Portable package, you do not need establish to rivulet it.

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