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Footnotes Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds - v1.2.5 NULLED

Parses posts for defined footnote terms and adds the footnote with the definition. This is the PRO Version!

Easily add multiple footnotes to your WordPress posts and pages with our fully customizable WordPress footnotes plugin.

Footnotes Plugin for WordPress Description

The WordPress Footnotes plugin supports adding footnotes to any page or post on your WordPress site.

Footnote Symbol

The footnotes plugin allows users to create footnotes, endnotes, bibliography notes, footnotes citations, footnotes images and more for individual posts and pages on your WordPress site. Once adding a footnote a symbol will appear near the term. Clicking on the symbol will lead to the footnote definition.

Post Footnotes Definitions Widget

Footnotes plugin supports adding multiple footnotes to any post or page on your WordPress site, as well as the ability to hide or collapse footnotes. Footnotes plugin can be customized to fit the look and brand of your site.

Footnotes Index

All footnotes can be viewed from a central index page that displays all your footnotes each with a list of all related posts in which they appear.

You can import or export footnotes between different sites using CSV format.

Using the WordPress Footnotes Plugin

  • Add footnotes to any page or post on your WordPress site
  • Add citations for post sources
  • Build an index of all your site footnotes or citations
  • Import or export footnotes between sites
  • Build a database of footnotes for selected terms or content and use them across your site

How the WordPress Footnotes Plugin Works

Easily Adding Footnotes

Once the WordPress footnotes plugin is installed and activated, a new meta box will be added to each page or post, allowing you to mark areas of the text and create footnotes or citations to display additional information.

You can choose whether to display those footnotes on all pages, or only show them on selected pages and posts.

Custoimize Footnote Style

Once post is displayed a sign will appear next to the selected text which will take user to the bottom of the post where the footnotes will appear. You can customize the sign and the footnotes appearance.

Footnotes Plugin Basic Features

  • Easily add a footnote from every page or post
  • Customize the footnote style

Footnotes Plugin Premium Features:

Add Footnotes and Citations to WordPress posts – Add footnotes with a click of a button inside any post or page. Each footnote can be defined to appear only locally, globally or on selected ?posts or pages.

Footnotes Style – Footnotes can be placed anywhere in the post or page using a shortcode. The styling of the footnote is defined in the plugin settings.

Footnotes Index -All footnotes that appear on the site can be displayed in an index page with all the related articles in which the footnotes are used.

Footnotes Customization – Customize the footnotes from the plugin settings.

Footnotes Metabox – Easily define footnotes and citations within a customizable meta box on your page or post.

Footnotes Range – Define where your footnotes are displayed across your WordPress site. It can be shown only in on post, a group or across all the site.

Local Footnotes using a Shortcode – You can use a shortcode on any post or page to add a local footnote which will only appear on this post and will not be recorded in the footnotes database table

DEMO – Footnotes Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds – v1.2.5

Demo and More Info


Footnotes Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds - v1.2.5 NULLED FREE DOWNLOAD

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