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Front-end Membership Modules - v1.6.9 NULLED

This plugin provide various shortcodes and PHP functions to bypass default WordPress screens and enable Login, Registration, Reset Password, Edit Profile and Logout features directly on the front-end of your website or blog.

It allows you to restrict specified Pages, Categories or content with any page or post only to logged in members. Normal users will be redirected to Login page to view the restricted content on your website.

Front-end Membership Modules WordPress Plugin allows you to easily extend the authentication layer of your WordPress website. One of the main features of this plugin is to display the Login form, Register form with custom form fields, Edit Profile Form with custom form fields and user avatar uploads, Reset password form and Logout features on the front-end of your website.

This plugin allows you to integrate Social Media Connect like Facebook Connect, Login and Register via Twitter, Google and LinkedIn with custom profile fields.

Here’s a list of all features that comes with this plugin:

Front-end Authentication Layer

You can enable login, register, edit profile, reset password and logout features from the front end of your website.

Social Media Connect

You can enable Login and Register via Various Social Media Services and allow users to login and register via these social services with just one click. You can enforce user to fillup the registration form after connecting via social service or let them update custom form fields via edit profile shortcode page.

Available Social Media Connect Services OpenID, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Live, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Github, LastFM, Vimeo, Viadeo, Identica, Tumblr, Goodreads, QQ, Sina, Murmur, Pixnet, Plurk, Skyrock, Geni, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, px500, Vkontakte, Mail.ru, Yandex, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, TwitchTV, Steam

Multiple Registration Forms & Roles

This plugin allows to create multiple registration forms with different custom fields for each form and you can choose default user role for the forms. Once a user register with a form, user data will be saved to usermeta table and new user will be assigned the specified role for the site.

Multiple Registration Types

This plugin allows to modify the default Registration method in two different ways. Along with the normal registration method, you can configure your website to accept only approved new user accounts or make your WordPress website invitation only. With approvals required method, new user accounts will only be created once you approve the request from the plugin settings, similarly with invitation only setup, new user can register to your website only if admin approve the invitation request.

Custom Registration and Edit Profile Form Fields

With this plugin you can include a lot of custom form fields in Registration Form, Edit Profile Form and Invitation Request Form. There are about 28 types (HTML form field types, Social Media Profiles, WordPress default fields, Address fields and custom HTML, heading and paragraphs) of custom form fields that you can use including custom HTML where you can add more form fields and the data will be saved in wp_usermeta table. You can also import/export custom fields to use the similar setup on different websites.

Custom Profile Pictures or Gravatars

You can choose between Gravatars or custom profile picture uploads from the plugin settings. For custom uploads, you can also setup the filetypes allowed for user avatars and enable them on registration or edit profile forms.

Verifying Email Addresses

You can choose to enable verify email address before a new user account is created, this helps to reduce spam users to get access to users only area of your website.

Fully Customizable Email Messages

You can customize all email messages (via WYSIWYG editor) sent to the user while registration process, approvals or invitations requests and reset password.

Spam Protection for all forms

This plugin comes with two different methods to avoid spam. Custom Question and Answer check and New Google reCaptcha which can be easily setup via Plugin Settings page.

Override WordPress Default Auth Behaviour and Admin Dashboard Access

You can choose to redirect the users to front-end forms when they try to access the default WordPress authentication pages. Also, You can choose, who can access the WordPress Admin Dashboard, if any role is not selected, the user will be redirected to website’s homepage. You can also choose to enable of disable WordPress Admin Bar for all users from the backend.

Sync User Profile fields with Custom Registration and Edit profile fields

You can choose to sync custom form fields created via this plugin with WordPress User profile fields and let user and admins update these custom fields from either back-end or front-end.

Restricted Content based on user login status

You can choose to restrict entire site, certain pages, posts, categories, taxonomies, tags etc. only for logged in users, where as visitors will be redirected to login page when they try to access the members only content of your WordPress website. This plugin also comes with a few shortcodes that can help you toggle the content within a page or post based on the user login status.

Dynamic User Data within any page or post

If you would like to personalise content on a page, post or sidebar text widget with user information, you can use shortcodes that come with this plugin to display user data for the current logged in user.

Bulk Update or Insert New Users

This plugin enables and easy way to update existing users or insert new users via .CSV uploads.

Multiple Password Generation and Reset Password Methods

While registration you can allow users to generate a custom password for their account or setup the system to generate a random password for them. In both cases users will get an email with their login information. You can also specify a minimum character length for passwords.

Multiple Recover Password Methods

You can also choose to sent login information to users via email or send them a confirmation link to create new password when they try to recover their password via this plugin.

Multiple Logout Methods

You can choose between Single Click logout or display a Custom Logout Message before users can logout on logout page.

Fully customizable CSS and Javascript

You can choose to completely disable the plugin CSS and Javascript and write your own styles and scripts from the plugin settings page or custom css and js files saved in the root directory of the plugin.

Multiple Navigation Menu Locations

This plugin registers two new menu locations for only visitors and logged in users on your WordPress installation. This will allow you to change the navigation menus on your website based on the user login status.

Custom Sidebar Text Widget

This plugin comes with a widget that you can use to display content based on the user logged in status. You can also disable this widget for either logged in users or visitors. You can also use any WordPress Shortcode and HTML tags in the message textarea of this widget.

Ajax form validation and login, register

You can choose enable form validation, user login and registration via AJAX.

Password Strength Meter

You can choose to display, password strength notification besides password fields on registration and create new password forms.

Login & Register forms in pop-up/modal box

You can easily enable this feature from backend and add specified css classes to any link or button to display the login and register form plus your custom content in a modal box.

Delete User Shortcode

You can add this shortcode to user’s edit profile page and if they click the Delete Account button, their account and data will be deleted from the site. This is optional, you can use this if you want this feature for your website.

Woocommerce Integration

You can enable Woocommerce integration to include custom registration fields on Woocommerce registrationa and checkout pages.

Localisation and Translation Ready

You can easily translate this plugin in your own language. Localisation includes all text in back end, front end and messages.

Easily Import Export Plugin Settings

If you have multiple licenses for this product, you can easily export and import plugin settings and custom form fields from plugin settings page.

Setup Assistant

This plugin comes with a Setup Assistant which will help you with step by step setting up this plugin on your website and provide links to documentation page for further reading.

DEMO – Front-end Membership Modules – v1.6.9

Demo and More Info


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