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KDROI 1.5.7 cracked

KDROI 1.5.7 Void

KDROI 1.5.7

Forget outsourcing or paying a "per submission" fee to submit your Kindle eBooks to the book promotional sites. KDROI does it in 15 seconds with a handful of clicks.

Версия: KDROI 1.5.7
KDROI is the tool I’ve been waiting for. Leave it to Wes Atkins, the forward thinker who developed KDSpy, to come up with this incredible way to save time and money when submitting your Kindle book’s free days to promotional sites. In minutes after getting access to the program, I had it loaded and had submitted one of my books free promotional days to 22 sites. Minutes instead of what in the past would have taken hours! And, in the past, when I haven’t had the time to submit Kindle free days myself, I have paid (virtual assistant, Fiverr, etc.) to have the book submitted … KDROI will easily justify its price in a minimal number of submissions for book promotions that I would have paid for in the past.
Version : 1.5.7
OS : Windows/Linux/MAC

  • Step 1: Setup a Free Promo or Countdown Deal For Your Kindle eBook.Before using KDROI, just setup a Free book promotion or Kindle Countdown deal (OR just manually set your book price to 99c) for your Kindle eBook in your Amazon KDP account. Then revert back to your bookshelf and click on your books 'direct' Amazon link to view your book on the Kindle store.
  • Step 2: KDROI Pulls In The Essential Data For Your Chosen Kindle eBook : Once you're viewing your book on the Kindle store, KDROI will work on the background to grab all the essential information from your book listing page. A single click into KDROI on your browser and the only 2 things you need to do are, select whether you book is fiction OR non-fiction, then enter your email speech.
  • Gradation 3: Affirm Your Bible Description, Writer BIO & Kindle Binding Visualize : Subsequently dawning next you will be staged with your bible description, your writer BIO and you binding visualize perpetrated from Virago. If you desire to shuffle whatsoever varieties to these points, you toilet rectify them in the packages left. You toilet yet upload a Recently visualize for your binding if you care. Formerly you are glad with the points, pawl NEXT.
  • Gradation 4: Opt The Starting & Finish Engagement Of Your Bible Furtherance : Along this test you will be staged with a really elementary calendar which matches to the engagements of your furtherance for your Kindle ebook. Merely choose the Starting and Finish data of your bible furtherance and pawl NEXT.
  • Gradation 5: Opt The Typecast Of Promo & The Websites You Desire To Relegate To : You will so be staged with an 'always-turning' tilt of websites that will tilt your Kindle eBook along their site during your bible furtherance. Plainly choose the typecast of promo (Spare, 0.99c or Permafree) ... and the websites you desire to relegate to. So, pawl 'relegate furtherance', and in minuscule than 15 indorses, you're ended.


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