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On-Demand Search Replace Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds - v1.2.3 NULLED

Searches and replaces the words and phrases throughout the content. This is the PRO Version of the plugin.

Our WordPress search and replace plugin allows you to make changes to your WordPress page or post before it’s displayed.This mass search and replace tool completes an on-demand database search and replace operation without making changes to the database.

WordPress Search and Replace Plugin Description

This WordPress search replace tool allows you to change the content of your posts, pages, comments, titles and excerpts just before they are displayed on the front end of your site, without making changes in the WordPress database.

This real-time search and replace tool applies any number of pre-defined rules after a page is generated by WordPress, but before it is sent to a user’s browser.

Defining Multiple Find and Replace Rules

This WordPress find and replace plugin makes it simple to replace domains, content or html on your WordPress site, with a simple search/replace database search. This mass search and replace plugin completes a quick and easy search of a WordPress site, so users will see the content after all the data has been replaced.

Search and Replace script on WordPress Custom Posts

The WordPress search and replace script functionality is ideal for quick changes of search/replace data without applying them to the WordPress database.

it is possible to target specific post by type or exclude posts or pages from being parsed. You can also Target ACF records.

Using the WordPress Search and Replace Plugin

  • Censor Bad Content – Censor comments, content generated by plugins on defined pages or posts.
  • On-Demand Search and Replace Script – Make temporary changes in content and limit them to a specified time period.
  • Replace HTML Code in your Content – Search and replace HTML code on the fly.
  • Replace Images in Content – Search and replace images on the fly.
  • Date and Time Controls – Feature content on specific dates or time periods.
  • Target Specific Posts – Target specific post or exclude other posts from being parsed.
  • ACF and Yoast Support – Support replacing content in ACF plugin and Yoast metadata fields.
  • Frontend Widget to Toggle Replacements – Optionally add toggle on and off search and replace buttons on each post frontend to specific users.

Search and Replace Plugin Basic Features

  • Define search and replace rules
  • Supports posts and pages
  • Supports text and html
  • Supports case sensitive content

Search and Replace Plugin Premium Features

  • All WordPress Content Types – Define search and replace rules for comments, posts, pages, titles, content and excerpts
  • Custom Posts – Support custom posts search and replace
  • Regex – Support Regex search and replace
  • Time Based – Support search and replace based on time frames
  • Limit Replace to Specific Post Types – Support search and replace only on specific content types
  • Remove Content – Support removing content without replacing it
  • Case Sensitive – Support case sensitive replacements
  • Rule Set Management – Pause certain rules
  • Frontend Widget – Frontend control widget to turn search and replace off and on
  • Import and Export Rules – Import and export rules
  • Search Rules – Search within rules set – in case you have many rules
  • External Plugins Support – Support search and replace in ACF, Yoast, BBPress and more
  • Drag and Drop – Easily change order of rules using drag and drop

Search and Replace Plugin Pro Features in Details

  • Time restricted search and replace – Supports applying the search and replace rules on specific dates.
  • Regex search and replace – Supports regex search and replace statements.
  • Content Specific – Supports searching terms by content type and replacing them with new terms.

DEMO – On-Demand Search Replace Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds – v1.2.3

Demo and More Info


On-Demand Search Replace Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds - v1.2.3 NULLED FREE DOWNLOAD

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