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Pin Promoter nulled

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Pin Promoter

PinPromoter is the industry's most advanced Pinterest bot to systematically grow your Pinterest audience. Works by automating the tasks you normally do on Pinterest: following users, unfollowing users, commenting, pinning, liking and other features that will greatly enhance your exposure on Pinterest.

Версия: Pin Promoter
PinPromoter allows you to follow and unfollow users automatically which leads to many people following you back and you retaining followers interested in your website. This is a great way to get organic followers and to gain quick exposure. Don't worry about following users you've already followed, PinPromoter remembers what you've done and avoids duplicating.
Mass comment - you can comment on multiple pins or send multiple comments to the same pin gaining more and more popularity. Our mass comment tool supports spinning functionality so no two comments will be exactly the same!
Version :

  • Enhanced winsock technology
  • Free lifetime automatic update
  • Multi-Threading that further speeds up
  • Proxy support with built-in downloader
  • Easy to use layout
  • Instant download
  • CAPTCHA support
  • Delay functionality
  • User-Agent changer
  • Multiple account support
  • Account statistics
  • Mass account checker
  • Mass follow/unfollow tool
  • Mass repinner
  • Mass liker
  • Mass comment with spinning capability
  • Mass pin downloader
  • Mass trap uploader with singular visualize universe
  • Scratch usernames from hunt solutions, followers, pursuit and many more
  • Scratch traps from exploiters, classes and many more
  • Scratch rooms from exploiters, classes and many more

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