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Popup Banners Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds - v1.2.10 NULLED

This plugin adds the option to add the on-site Pop-Up or Fly In Bottom Ads.

WordPress popup plugin helps you add responsive popup banners to your site with custom messages and effects.

WordPress PopUps Builder Plugin Description

The WordPress PopUps plugin by CreativeMinds allows you to add various banner ads and announcements for any page of your site. This popover WordPress plugin makes it easy to create fixed custom banners that appear in the middle or bottom of your page.

Versatile PopUps

The WordPress popup builder plugin includes various popup components and features for creating versatile popups and highly converting popups that boost email lists and events for your WordPress site.

These custom popup banners plugin include image popups, shortcode popups, text popups, popup animation, video popups and more, as well as the ability to create multiple popups for various posts and pages.

Who can Use the WordPress PopUps Plugins

Are you promoting a new event, product, or discount? This responsive popover WordPress plugin is an excellent lead generation tool. Design a custom popup banner ad that will grab the user’s attention without interrupting their browsing!

Target Specific Pages

Create popup banners with our custom plugin that will show across your whole site, or a specific set of pages with prime popup placement.

WordPress PopUps Plugins Campaigns Reports and Statistics

When using this plugin each popup runs inside its own campaign allowing you to control the popup location in your site, dates in which it will appear, time during the day and much more!

Reports and Statistics

The admin dashboard also includes a detailed dashboard with statistics and reports on the performance of each campaign showing you which popup converts better.

Special PopUp Triggers and Appearance Control

PopUp Show Interval

These unlimited WordPress popups can appear every time the user load the page, only one or only once for all the site. You can set a delay between the page load and the popup appearance.

You can also trigger the popup appearance once user hover over an image or once he clicks an image.

Using the WordPress Popup Plugin

  • Create responsive popup banners and display on any page or restrict to specific pages or posts
  • Create custom fly-in banners
  • Schedule pop up banner ads to run for a specific date and times

Popup Plugin Basic Features

  • Define campaigns with multiple popup banners
  • Choose between pop-up and fly-in banner options
  • Choose the width/height of the custom wordpress popup
  • Choose the basic banner styling options
  • Fully responsive with option to turn mobile display off

Popup Plugin Premium Features

  • AdDesigner – Create a custom banner look to match your site’s branding
  • Campaign Statistics – Track banner clicks and impressions in an easy-to-use report
  • Restrict by Page/Post/URL – Choose which pages or posts your popup banner will appear on
  • Restrict by Period Choose the start and end times for your popup ad campaign to run
  • Random PopUps – Randomly show a popup allowing you to choose the best converting popup.
  • Custom Effects – Define PopUp banner effects once popup shows.
  • Option to add delay – Add a delay between page load or trigger to popup show.
  • Display Interval – Setup when user will see the popup. On every page load, one per each page and more.
  • PopUp Content – Use image popups, html banners, video and more.
  • Special Triggers – Trigger popup or fly-in on JS hover or click events.
  • Sounds – Support for a sunds file to be played once popup appears. User can upload his own sounds file or used plugin default.
  • Fullscreen – Support for a full screen popup.
  • Page leave intent detection– You can show the popup when user moves cursor to close the tab.
  • Inactivity detection– You can show the popup when user’s inactive for X seconds (not moving mouse and not typing).
  • Show X amount of times per customer– You can define that the campaign will show X amount of time per a specific customer until it stops.
  • Restrict by days in the week– You can define that the campaign will run on specific days in the week.

DEMO – Popup Banners Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds – v1.2.10

Demo and More Info


Popup Banners Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds - v1.2.10 NULLED FREE DOWNLOAD

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