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Sell Media S3 - v2.1.4 NULLED

This extension gives you the ability to add Amazon S3 support.

A secure, durable and highly-scalable cloud storage solution for your precious file uploads.

The Amazon S3 extension for Sell Media provides secure, durable and highly-scalable cloud storage for your precious file uploads. It protects your original high-resolution files so that they cannot be downloaded by thieves. This extension brings enterprise-level cloud storage capabilities to single WordPress installs. Once activated, all uploads will be served from your own private Amazon S3 cloud account. Amazon S3 is trusted by media companies like Netflix, Pinterest, Smugmug and tens of thousands of other small and large businesses.

How does it work?

After properly configuring your Amazon S3 account and the S3 extension (see Initial Setup below), all newly uploaded files using Sell Media will be stored in your Amazon S3 bucket of choice. Both original size images and intermediate size images (low resolution versions generated by WordPress from your Settings -> Media sizes) are uploaded to your Amazon S3 bucket. Original images are saved without public access (private); intermediate image sizes have public access and are displayed on your website. When a customer purchases from your website, Sell Media grabs this original high resolution file from Amazon S3 and dynamically generates the right files size for the customer. Note: Only newly uploaded files are uploaded to Amazon S3. Activating this plugin does not move previous uploads to Amazon S3. Similarly, deactivating the plugin does not move files back onto your server. Starting in version 2.0, no local files are stored on your server.

DEMO – Sell Media – S3 – v2.1.4

Demo and More Info


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