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Toolset CRED - v1.9.3 NULLED

Create Edit Delete WordPress content (ie. posts, pages, custom posts) from the front end using fully customizable forms.

With CRED, you can build front-end forms for creating and editing content and users. CRED forms include all the fields that belongs to the content, displayed with your HTML styling. CRED forms validate inputs and send email notifications when submitting forms. Using CRED forms, you can create sites for classifieds, directories, membership and anything that requires front-end content submission. CRED plugin, which is part of the full Toolset package, lets you add build front-end forms for creating and editing any kind of WordPress content. You can create CRED forms for custom posts types and for users.

Content submission and editing forms for classifieds and listing sites

When you develop listing, directory and classifieds sites, you almost always need to allow visitors to submit and edit content. CRED makes this easy. With CRED, you can build front-end forms for creating and editing any content type. Your forms will include all the custom fields and taxonomy that’s connected to the content. CRED forms do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on design. With CRED forms you get:

  • Create, Edit and Delete – allowing you to develop fully-featured listing sites with all the actions you need
  • Input validation – to make sure that forms are always submitted correctly
  • SPAM protection – preventing your forms from being abused
  • Email notifications – making it easy to notify the admin or visitors about changes
  • Payments – allowing you to charge payment for submitting forms (like a new ‘premium ad’)
  • Hooks and filters – add your own functionality that will run when submitting forms

User registration forms for membership sites

With CRED, you can also build forms for front-end user registration and editing. This way, you can develop your own custom membership sites, or add membership functionality to any existing site. CRED works together with Access, to control who can view different content types, depending on their account status.

  • Forms for any user kind – you can create custom user roles, give them the right privileges and add fields and build forms for front-end registration.
  • Charge payment for registration – easily connect between CRED and WooCommerce, to charge payment for signing up to your site.
  • Include custom fields in user registration forms – with Toolset, you can add custom fields to users and include these fields in the registration forms.
  • Allow users to edit their profiles – CRED not only lets you build user registration forms, but also allows to edit users. You can build forms that allow users to edit their own profiles and even the profiles of select others.


DEMO – Toolset – CRED – v1.9.3

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