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Toolset Layouts - v2.1 NULLED

Design entire WordPress sites using a drag-and-drop interface.

Layouts plugin lets you design responsive layouts for entire pages, from the header, down to the footer. With Layouts, you get all the power and design options that come with Bootstrap, without having to deal with its complexity. You will be able to build advanced layouts, for entire sites, using a convenient drag-and-drop editor. Layouts is a drag-and-drop editor, which lets you design entire pages. This includes everything on the page, starting with the header, through menus and the content, and ending with the site’s footer. Layouts editor works in the WordPress admin. You can create Layouts and assign them to specific content, or as templates for all items of a post type.

Theme Integration

Layouts plugin needs to be integrated with the theme. Layouts is already integrated with a number of popular themes, including our own Toolset Starter theme. You can integrate Layouts yourself with themes that are based on Bootstrap, by editing their source files. This integration is typically intended for the developers of the themes. For instructions, see Layouts theme integration.

Recommended Workflow with Layouts

Most websites have elements that appear on every page in the site (like header and footer). Layouts plugin lets you design these repeating elements first and then design the detailed layouts for different pages. To do this, read about hierarchical layouts. Once you have the site’s parent layout (the layout that will appear on all pages), you can create the detailed layouts for other pages. You can design individual layouts for content (like a special layout for the homepage) and layouts that will function as templates for entire content types. Inside layouts, you create rows and cells. There are different cells for different purposes. If you are new to Toolset, you should familiarize yourself with few important, basic cell types:

  • View cell lets you display dynamic lists of content
  • Visual Editor cell lets you display post fields, text, images, HTML
  • Content Template cell lets you display contents of other posts
  • CRED form cell lets you display content submission forms.

The other cells either include features coming from the theme or static elements, like texts, images, and videos.

DEMO – Toolset – Layouts – v2.1

Demo and More Info


Toolset Layouts - v2.1 NULLED FREE DOWNLOAD

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