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Google Map Locations Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds - v1.6.1 NULLED

Manage locations and support location finder using Google Maps.

The Google Maps locations plugin manage locations and support location finder using Google Maps.

This maps plugin includes on map tooltip support, location description, zip search, customized markers, interactive map and images for each location.

Google Maps Locations Plugin Description

The Google Maps Locations plugin allows users to place a location or point of interest on a Google map together with relevant information for this location such as description, images, video, searchable markers, and full address including zip code.

Showing Locations on a Google Map

This WordPress Google Maps plugin displays all locations on a Google map as well as a separate map for each location on the location detailed information page. Maps with locations can be embedded within any post or page using shortcodes.

Customize WordPress Location Finder Icons Based on Location Category or Specific for each Location

Selecting Map Location Icon

Maps plugin allows each location to have it’s unique icon based on the category it belongs to or a specific set icon for a specific location using Google Maps navigation icons or your own uploaded icon.

Support Store Locator, Restaurant Guide, Mapping and more

Location Finder Support

The interactive WordPress mapping plugin supports location finder, shows all locations in a directory using a mapping system and can support several use cases including a store locator system, point of interest exploration, restaurant guide, schools atlas and more.

Searching map locations can be done by zip code or any other relevant filters which are set by admin.

Importing and Exporting Locations for the WordPress Mapping Plugin

The Google maps location finder plugin supports importing and exporting map locations.

You can import and export from KML format and move the map locations between sites . You can also import from a csv file based on a specific format we included in the plugin

Showing Location Information On the Maps WordPress Plugin

Single Location Information

The maps WordPress plugin can display the location information in many ways. It can show a popup info box when clicking on the map markers or it can take user to the location page where you can place additional information including images. It can also do a combination of both based on the plugin settings.

Using WordPress Google Maps Location Manager Plugin

  • Google Maps Mapping – Use Google Maps integration and Google Maps navigation to place your location
  • Map with all Available Locations – Show an interactive map with all locations each having its own icon
  • Advanced Search Support – Search map locations by keywords, zip, address or browse by categories
  • Store Locater Solution – Use interactive map plugin as a store location solution
  • Search by Distance – Search by a distance from a zip code to show all relevant location

Using with the Google Maps Routes Manager

Using the location manager together with the routes manager plugin allows you to build a business catalog and show all businesses location on a map together with Google map locations.

Using with the Business Directory with the Maps Plugin

Using the location manager together with the business directory plugin allows you to combine both routes and trails and map locations on a signle map.

Location Manager Localization and Supported Languages

Locations Map Localization

All frontend labels can be easily changed to any language so the user interface will speak your own language. This also includes adjusting the terms used to match your own use case.

Google Map Locations Plugin Basic Features

  • Place a location on a Google Map
  • Add description and images for each location
  • Show all locations on the index page showing one map for all locations
  • Supports Google Maps navigation

Google Map Locations Plugin Premium Features in Details

  • Locations map display – Choose between several display templates to support use cases such as store locator, store list, point of interest and more.
  • Import and Export Locations – Import and export locations using KML, GPX or CSV format.
  • Categories – Place locations in categories and assign a unique icon for each category.
  • Weather information – Weather information is shown near each location.
  • Location Icon – Override location category icon with a unique icon per each specific location or upload your own icon.
  • Images – Images and videos can be added to each location
  • Shortcodes – Several shortcodes are supported. Shortcodes can be embedded in posts and show a single location, a map with all locations in a category, and more.
  • Tags – Tags can be added to locations and allow filtering of locations
  • Search – Location description, zip code, address and locations name can be searched by keywords.
  • CM Maps Routes Manager integration – Integrates with the CM Maps Routes Manager plugin to show both locations and routes on a joint map.
  • Business Directory – Integrates with the Business Directory plugin to show all businesses as location on one map.
  • Search by Radius – Support for searching a defined radius from a postal code in any country. Can use the web browser’s geolocation API.
  • Access control – Set which role can create or view locations.
  • Translate text labels – Modify all text labels in the plugin.
  • User Dashboard – Allow user to see all his posted location in a dashboard. Let him add new locations or control the status of existing .
  • Moderation and Notifications – Let admin moderate user location postings. Send notification to admin when a new location is posted and help for moderation and for user when location is accepted.

DEMO – Google Map Locations Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds – v1.6.1

Demo and More Info


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