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Routes Manager Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds - v2.8.0 NULLED

Allow users to draw routes and to generate a catalog of map routes and trails.

The WordPress Google Maps plugin allows users to create or manage routes, and generate a catalog of map routes and trails with points of interest using Google Maps.

This is a great routes planner tool for bike rides, walks, and runs.

Google Maps Routes Manager Plugin Description

The Google Maps Routes Manager allows users to draw routes and generate a catalog of map routes and trails with points of interest (locations).

Routes Planner and Detailed Mapping Editor Plugin

This WordPress Google Maps plugin lets users create fully customizable maps, including choosing route direction, localizing routes, adding geographic tags, and multiple travel routes easily within WordPress.

With the Google Maps Routes Planning plugin, users can display pictures, descriptions, searchable markers and other information with each location.

This Google maps plugin allows your viewers to see detailed trail descriptions with additional data like elevation and temperature, using Google Maps integration.

Showing All Routes on a Map

The Google Maps Routes Manager plugin lets users track hiking trails, bike trails, car trails, ski trails, walking trails, running routes and more.

You can show all routes on a map index page.

The Routes Planner tool let’s you easily draw or calculate the optimized trail to get from one location to another.

Importing and Exporting KML and GPX files

Routes created through the routes mapping plugin can be shared and used on mobile devices by transferring a KML/GPX file standard on mobile applications that track routes. Or upload a KML/GPX file into the routes planner plugin and start from there.


Creating a beautiful map on your WordPress site is easy with the Google Maps Routes Manager.

The Routes Mapping Editor plugin also accept GPX files from navigation devices such a Garmin, Magellan and other fine brands.

Building Trails with the WordPress Google Maps Routes Manager

You can use the WordPress Google maps routes manager to draw walking paths, hiking trails, mountain bicycle routes, city walks, car routes, motor bike trails and much more.

Drawing Routes or Importing from Navigation Device

You can adjust the Google maps to automatically show the best route or manually draw your own route or route direction using your own defined trail.

You can also upload your route from a navigation device or a mobile phone app.

Integration with the WordPress Google Maps Locations

Showing Map Locations

The Google Maps Routes Planner plugin can be easily integrated with the map locations manager plugin.

This will support showing all locations and routes on the same map and while clicking on a map point be taken to the location / route detailed page.

This is an ideal solution for building a point of interest knowledge base together with detailed routes information.

Using the Google Maps Routes Manager Plugin for WordPress

  • Google Map Base – Use Google Maps to draw your own routes
  • Route Planning and Optimizing – Great way to plan your route and optimize using waypoints and nearby locations.
  • Mark Location and Waypoints – Add specific locations to the route with descriptions and images
  • Show Trail on Map with Height Information – Show a map with all routes drawn
  • Search Routes by Keywords, Categories and Zip code – Search routes by keywords or browse by categories
  • Support GPX and KML files – Upload routes generated by a navigation device
  • Download Route GPX and KML files – Download routes to a navigation device

WordPress Google Maps Routes Manager Plugin Localization and Supported Languages

Localizing Routes Labels

All frontend labels can be easily changed to any language so the user interface will speak your own language and terminology. This also includes adjusting the terms used to match your own use case.

Map Routes Manager Basic Features

  • Draw routes in Google Maps
  • Add points of interests
  • Write description and upload images for each route and location
  • Show all routes on the index page

Map Routes Manager Premium Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

  • Upload route from a KML/GPX file – Routes can be imported from a device that generates a KML/GPX file. Mobile phones and navigation devices can generate such files.
  • Export route to a KML/GPX file – Routes created can later be exported to a KML/GPX file and shared with mobile devices, other travel sites, and navigation aids.
  • Weather information – Weather information is shown near each location.
  • Altitude graph – Altitude is added per each trail view and is also accompanied by information such as trail distance, average speed, peak altitude, and more.
  • Images and Video – Images and video can be added to both trail information and each route or per specific locations along the route
  • Categories – Routes can be assigned to categories and filtered by categories
  • Shortcodes – Several shortcodes are supported. Shortcodes can be embedded in posts and show a single trail, a map with all trails in a category, and more.
  • Tags – Tags can be added to routes and allow filtering of routes
  • Search – Trail description, locations, and route name can be searched by keywords.
  • Custom icons – Upload your own custom icons to mark locations along the route.
  • Taxonomies – More taxonomies such as route difficulty and route type.
  • Vote for a route – Plugin displays a star rating for a route and users can vote for it.
  • Access control – Set which role can create or view routes.
  • Translate text labels – Modify all text labels in the plugin.
  • Moderation – Admin can moderate routes submitted by users.
  • Notifications – Admin can recieve notifications for new routes submitted be users. User can be notified when his route was approved.
  • User Dashboard – User can view and edit all his routes in a dashboard showing all his posted routes.
  • Tooltips – User can add tooltips to the routes map for each location and can determine the amount of information in the tooltip.
  • Search route by a zip code – Once a route has one location added to it you can add a zip search for all routes available in your routes index page and find all routes which fall into a specific zip code.

DEMO – Routes Manager Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds – v2.8.0

Demo and More Info


Routes Manager Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds - v2.8.0 NULLED FREE DOWNLOAD

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