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WappBulk cracked

WappBulk Void


WappBulk Turbo is WhatsApp Bulk Sender It can send upto 30000 messages per hour. To use sender software you also need to have channels.

Версия: WappBulk
It's a desktop app so you have all the power & freedom along your mitts. All mounts are uncommitted along port to align everything you desire.
Adaptation :
OS : Windowpanes

  • Textbook Substance : Savour excusing your avail past stationing a sufficient textbook with upto 4000 persona per substance. Which is more than plenty.
  • Video : A video substance is more than anything to encourage your clientele. Merely choose a trot of your selection & contribution with chiliads of possible nodes.
  • Visualizes : A single visualize addresses a chiliad formulates. Textbook may be cut but not an visualize. A sound visualize pulls nodes more than anything else.
  • Sound : You toilet yet station read sound substances to chiliads of multitudes in few pawls. Mak your clientele addresses for you.
  • Clientele Scorecard : Contribution your clientele scorecard in digital way to shuffle a distance in node's mobile calls. Partaking clientele scorecards was never as loose as in our package.
  • Localization Partaking : You toilet yet contribution whatsoever geo localization with nodes then that they toilet range to you with informality. You toilet yet figure a clickable associate of your site/facebook foliate in geo localization rag.

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