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WPMU DEV Avatars For Multisite - v4.1.8 NULLED

Allows users to upload ‘user avatars’ and ‘blog avatars’ which then can appear in comments and blog / user listings around the site.

Avatars you control for both sites and users on your WordPress Multisite network.

From ‘selfies’ to company logos, images help us personally connect with other users and companies on the web.

This plugin integrates profile images in a way that feels native to WordPress core. Adding a simple avatars settings feature to the user profile, and a ‘Site Avatar’ option under ‘Settings’, brings a surprising new level of user participation.

Better design. Big payoff.

Add profile pictures to comments, friend lists, and member and site directories without having to configure a thing. WPMU DEV themes and directory plugins take full advantage of Avatars extensibility and offer complete plug-n-play integration.

More flexibility and safer than Gravatar

Rather than sending your users to a third party site like Gravatar, and not being able to control the avatars they use, this plugin allows you to manage and control the avatars used on your site.

Perfectly crop any image

Upload a picture, of any shape, and use the crop tool to make the perfect selection. Avatars are stored in their own unique folder, protecting your Media Library from getting filled with all the amazing profile images your users will be uploading.

User AND site avatars

You want users to have great avatars for commenting and to go in their author profiles, but what about when you want to list your sites in a directory or feature them on the homepage of your network? Avatars takes care of that problem by allowing users to set both personal AND site avatars.

Connect usernames with faces and site titles with company branding – add profile images to WordPress with Avatars.

Avatars Features

Give users a profile picture

  • Both user and site avatar options
  • Choose perfect trim and crop on upload
  • Quickly enhance site design with included Avatars widget
  • End-user setup and configuration
  • Isolated avatar image directory for simplified Media Library navigation
  • High level branding and user self-expression
  • Fully WordPress and Multisite compatible
  • Settings UI integrates flawlessly with Core
  • Comment avatar code included with every WPMU DEV theme
  • Instant avatar display with every WPMU DEV user and blog directory plugin
  • High-quality code foundation for easy third-party theme and plugin integration

DEMO – WPMU DEV – Avatars For Multisite – v4.1.8

Demo and More Info


WPMU DEV Avatars For Multisite - v4.1.8 NULLED FREE DOWNLOAD

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