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WPMU DEV Private Messaging - v1.0.1.6 NULLED

Private user-to-user communication for placing bids, sharing project specs and hidden internal communication.

Complete with front end integration, guarded contact information and protected file sharing. Let your users chat one-on-one and share files safely on your site through direct messages you can monitor. Created a more connected community with Private Messaging.

Whether you run a busy forum with hundreds of users or simply want to connect site owners in your Multisite network, Private Messaging will help you build a more engaged and friendly community.

Front-end Messaging

The inbox is accessible to you and your users from anywhere on your site, just click on the mail icon in the admin toolbar. Sending a new message takes no time at all and you can do it from anywhere on your site. Whether you’re working on a new blog post or tweaking your theme, you can compose a new message without interrupting your workflow. The “Send To” field draws in usernames from across your site and autocompletes so you’ll never have to remember email addresses.

Private File Sharing

Share photos and screenshots with other users privately, or restrict which users are able to share images depending on their user role. With Pro Sites enabled, you can even provide file sharing as an exclusive feature for paying members.

Simple to Set Up

When it comes to setting up Private Messaging, there’s really nothing to it. Just install and activate the plugin. Private Messaging comes pre-configured for immediate use so you don’t have to mess around with settings. There’s even an option to automatically create an inbox pages for your users.

A Safe Place to Communicate

Users can communicate safely without having to exchange contact details. As an admin, you can monitor all messages sent and received to ensure discussions are above board and meet your user guidelines. Users will only be able to access messages they are involved in, ensuring messages between users are private.

Private Messaging Features

Simple configuration, fully extensible.

  • Limit sending capabilities to specific WordPress roles
  • bbPress Integration
  • Built-in inbox shortcodes
  • Block lists for safe working environments
  • WYSIWYG editor add-on
  • Complete front-end integration
  • Simple compose overlay
  • Fully responsive
  • Know when your message is received with read receipts
  • Receive a notification when you get a new message
  • Optional pop-up notifications
  • Site specific messaging in Multisite
  • Admins can broadcast messages to all users
  • Create group conversations

DEMO – WPMU DEV – Private Messaging – v1.0.1.6

Demo and More Info


WPMU DEV Private Messaging - v1.0.1.6 NULLED FREE DOWNLOAD

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